There's a Bookmark for that!

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Over the last few years, I've had a burning conviction that's been growing and growing as I watch the current craze for 'Apps' blossom. Now, I've nothing against genuine applications or games, but it has to be said that a large number of so-called 'Apps' are simply scraping or managing exactly the same data as you can get right now, on any phone, for free. And, my way, there are no installations, no complications and no hassle. Apps? Pah - I've a new slogan to rival Apple's. "There's a Bookmark for that!"

"Now, don't switch off because I referred to a 'mobile' web site. In the old days (2004!), a mobile web site was usually a very poor relation to the full web site, was often little more than a placeholder and, in extreme cases, was actually WAP-based rather than using standard HTML. In 2010, most mobile web sites mentioned on these pages have a very healthy fraction of the functionality of their more bloated desktop equivalent. Which means far less crud and a far higher proportion of real content."

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