The big, big 2021 All About sites accessory review update

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Over the last three years on the All About sites, I've reviewed dozens of useful smartphone accessories. Most of which I still own. But, as I've bemoaned before, accessories have a habit of ceasing to be available, frustrating those who follow slightly older review links and hit a brick wall. Begging the question - what's still available and how has it held up in week-on-week use? Here's everything you need - and links which all work (where possible)!

Gadget bag

(Image from my most recent gadget bag write-up, and which is already significantly out of date!)

You'll, of course, have your own favourite accessories, but here goes with the items I've reviewed since 2015 and their current status!

NB: in numerous cases, brands (Choetech, Tronsmart, TaoTronics, RavPower, dodoCool, and others) have been hit with bans from Amazon because of various 'dodgy' practices, sadly, so I've tried to link to their manufacturer's home/product page. I should note that at no stage have we been part of a 'dodgy' review, but I do recognise that vouchers in boxes and 'free for five star reviews on Amazon', and so on, have been employed for some products and I understand Amazon's stance. It's just a shame in most cases, since these are decent products that have been made harder to get because of over-zealous Asian marketeers. 8-( So, rather than buying from our local Amazon, we now have to order from the other side of the planet and wait weeks. Gah.

NB2: where I state that I gave something away, I'm usually referring to the weekly giveaways from my Phones Show Chat podcast(!)

Accessory Reviewed in Still in use? Still for sale?
dodocool DP13 45W Type C PD 2018 Yes, always in my briefcase to this day. Sleek, metal, powerful. Sadly no
ZAGG Flex Universal keyboard 2018 Yes, still my favourite Bluetooth keyboard EVER. Yes, via ZAGG
Monoprice Triple XXX Driver Earbuds
2019 Still my favourite budget wired in-ears. When my ears can take them! Sadly no
Powstro USB 'Windows Hello' Multi Fingerprint Reader
2019  Yes, plugged into the USB port of my original Surface Pro. Yes, from Amazon
2019 Yes, whenever I need audio from any Type C-only smartphone (e.g. Samsung) Sadly no, though see other options here
T5 Ultra Connect Bluetooth heaphones
2019 Yes, though my ears have been getting a little sore from in-canal use, so I've switched mostly to on-ear Marshalls (see below). Yes, from Amazon
Tribit MaxSound Plus 24W
2019 Since superceded by even better speakers, but it's still terrific and, crucially, not affected by Amazon's brand ban... Yes, from Amazon
Choetech T521/S - 10W Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount
2019 Daily, it's in my car right now, wirelessly charging everything that's clamped inside it. Yes, from Choetech
Choetech SC001 19W Solar Charger
2019 Occasionally, see my solar charging feature. Yes, from Choetech
Tronsmart PB20
2019 In my power bank rotation, still very solid. Yes, from GeekBuying
Tronsmart Element T6 Plus  2019 Daily, super sound for modest bulk. Yes, from Amazon
TaoTronics 'True Wireless' SoundLiberty 53 Earbuds
2019 No, I've never really got on with any TWS earbuds. Sorry. Might be me. Gave them away.
Yes, from TaoTronics 
Choetech T555-F Fast Wireless Charging Stand
2019 Yes, by a friend. I gave it away to someone in need! Yes, from Choetech
Tranya Rimor True Wireless Earbuds
2019 No, I've never really got on with any TWS earbuds. Sorry. Might be me. Gave them away.
Sadly no
ROMOSS 'Sense 8+' 26800(+)mAh, 18W power bank
2020 Part of my 'car kit', a system of 12V to power bank 'cache' to smartphones and Surface hybrid. (photo below)
Yes, from Amazon
ROMOSS power bank
RAVPower PD Pioneer 20000 AC
2020 Part of my 'car kit', a system of 12V to power bank to (as a last resort) mains, if needed! Sadly no
Realme Buds Q  2020 No, I've never really got on with any TWS earbuds. Sorry. Might be me. Gave them away. Yes, from Amazon
Tribit QuietPlus 72 Type C-charging ANC headphones
2020 No, these got usurped by my favourite Marshalls. But still a decent option. Gave them away. Yes, from Amazon
Vava 12-in-1 USB Type C Docking Station
2020 Fortnightly, I have this set up for my Surface Go as a 'hot desk' system at my dad's house
Sadly no, but there are plenty of similar docks on Amazon 
RAVPower 65W PD 'Pioneer' 4-port desktop charger
2020 Fortnightly, I have this plugged in as part of a charging 'dock' system at my dad's house Yes, though rebranded, on Amazon
Aenkyo (/PONSINC) 'Air Wireless' 10000mAh power bank
2020 Daily, one of the most useful charging gadgets I own, I have two! Sadly no
Olixar 18W USB Type C adapter 2020  In use around the house Yes, from MobileFun
Apple 20W USB Type C folding adapter 2020 Daily, and when travelling Yes, from Apple
NexDock Touch
2020 As needed, still a really interesting mobile work option. No, due to component sourcing issues
Choetech 10000mAh 2-in-1 Wireless Charger
2020 Weekly, as needed. I particularly like the Qi charging through the top surface Yes, from Choetech
Tronsmart Mega Pro 60W 10000mAh Bluetooth
2020 Always in my current 'large' gadget bag, which goes with me on trips. (photo below) Yes, from Amazon
Gaston Luga Praper laptop backpack
2021 Not used currently, awaiting a gadget bag overhaul! Yes, from Gaston Luga
Marshall Major IV Bluetooth 2021 Daily, best audio product I ever owned Yes, from Amazon
Moshi Sette Q 'twin 15W' Qi charger
2021 Daily, on my desk! Yes, from Moshi
Tegic 4-in-1 Type C/Lightning/USB-A multi-cable
2021 Daily, on various phones/gadgets Yes, from Tegic
Tegic 'BLOCK 30' power bank
2021 Weekly, as needed Yes, from Tegic
Soaraise flying lead power bank 2021 Daily, so convenient never having to look for leads(!) Yes, from Amazon

It's a shame that Amazon's latest updates have split apart the links in the original reviews, but hopefully my recommended links above will help you track something down after you've read my review text in each case.

Tronsmart MegaPro

As ever, comments welcome - do you have a couple of favourite accessories that you couldn't do without? And, yes, I'll be updating my own 'gadget bag' feature soon as part of a summer holiday 'spring clean' (ahem)...