Yahoo! Go! - Mobile Data Syncing Solution Announced

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A few more Symbian related gems from CES, this time in the new Yahoo! Go service. The mobile sync section is just a small part of the service, but the Series 60 client allows you to keep Contacts, Photos and Email messages in sync with your Yahoo! account. There is also a client for Yahoo Messenger, allowing you to use Yahoo IM on your phone. In addition Yahoo Go Mobile acts as a shortcut, via bookmarks, to allow you to access many Yahoo Mobile services including games, and information (news, weather, finance movies). We'll have a more in-depth look at this next week once we've had a play.

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Quoting Yahoo:

You can't lose what's always with you

With Yahoo! Go Mobile, emails, phone numbers and pictures synch with your account. So your stuff is always with you and easy to use.

Check out these Yahoo! Go Mobile features by clicking on the arrow next to the phone:

  • Contacts — Stored phone numbers are automatically synched
  • Photos — Take a picture and it's stored online
  • Messenger — Record voice instant messages
  • Mail — Get notified when new email arrives