Series 60 and 90 merged!?

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There had been rumours for quite some time, but Reuters now reports Nokia is planning to merge Series 60 and Series 90 into one platform.

Now this would seem to be a rather good idea in my opinion. Having too many platforms will get confusing to most people. Besides it would save the developers some time!

The article:
"Nokia said on Wednesday it will create a single software platform for smart mobile phones that double as TVs, MP3 players, radios and e-mail devices. The company's chief executive, Jorma Ollila, told its annual Mobility conference, which was webcast, that the company's Series 90 software suite will be folded into Series 60.

Series 90 was slated to be the software engine for a range of entertainment and TV phones, while Series 60 is the most popular platform for smartphones used today, which have more limited entertainment functions and feature a smaller vertical display compared with entertainment phones.

"We're merging Series 90 into Series 60 into one robust platform," Ollila said. Nokia hopes it will reduce fragmentation, and thus encourage more software developers to write programs for these new phones. "(And) it will lead to cost savings for operators and service providers", Ollila said."