SeleQ from Ximplify for the 7650 now avialble

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SeleQ from Ximplify is now availble to buy and try in its final release version. The software is aimed at giving you greater control over your phones internal resources and includes an advanced file manager and much more. Ximplify SeleQ can bought from Handango.

New in the release version is:
1. Set Path As Shortcut
2. Under Help: Definition of the Short Cut Keys for PageUp, PageDown,
Home, End
3. Mark/Unmark for
Multiple - Cut/Copy and Paste
Mutilple sending via multimedia, e-mail, Bluetooth or infrared.
4. Properties: Properties pages have been refined for easier viewing

As a Special Introductory Price, Ximplify are pricing SeleQ at USD12.00 until 15-Sep-2002 (instead of USD 18 ). This is to encourage "early-bird" buyers. Ximplify SeleQ can bought from Handango.

Details of Ximpliy SeleQ
For greater control over your phone's internal resources.

Get full access to your files. Organise and manage files on your phone. Move, copy and paste them into folders of your choice. Search and delete files (regular housekeeping with minimal fuss). Share files with friends by sending them a copy via email or MMS. Beam files to another infra red or blue tooth enabled device.

Have a little fun...
Open image files directly from directory listing
Turn your phone into a music player. Capture screenshots and view them later (very useful for support & documentation)

Finally.... Just Take Over
Activate and deactivate infra-red as and when required with minimal fuss. Automate the keylock function to enable the keyboard to lock automatically on closure thereby bypassing the annoying ?Lock Keypad? message.