Nokia announce Audio Gateway

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Nokia today announced the AD-42W Audio Gateway which allows you to stream music wirelessly (using Bluetooth) between compatible devices. The device plugs into the back of a stereo/HiFi using standard audio cables and enables audio in and out via the A2DP Bluetooth profile. It has two usage modes, either to listen to music stored on your future smartphone via your HiFi or to listen to music from your HiFi with a stereo Bluetooth headset.

As a class 1 Bluetooth 2.0 device the Gateway has a range of around 100m, although in the real world (though walls and other obstacles) this is more likely to be around 30m. 

GatewayThe device is not compatible with any current Symbian phones but future phones supporting the A2DP profile should be able to use the device. It provides an alternative way of sharing music in the home to UPnP although it is more limited. 

The main features of the device (as listed on the Nokia site) are:

"Bring the convenience of wireless stereo audio connectivity to your home with the Nokia Wireless Audio Gateway AD-42W. Listen to the music stored in your mobile phone, computer or other compatible device wirelessly on your home stereo. Then just flick a switch and listen to music from your compatible home stereo on your Bluetooth wireless headset."

  • Use your home stereo to listen to music stored in your phone, computer or MP3 Player
  • Listen to music from your home stereo using a compatible wireless stereo headset
  • Class 1 Bluetooth device enables extended usage range
  • Dedicated switch changes operating mode to/from your home stereo equipment
  • Automatic reconnection to the last connected device in the given operating mode when it is restarted or the operating mode is switched.



80 x 90 x 20 mm
Weight: 85g
Bluetooth Compliance:Bluetooth v2.0. Class 1 device. Supports A2DP profile for stereo audio and AVRCP Category 1 play/pause/stop commands
Nokia Compact Charger AC-3, no batteries
Upto 100m
Pairing button, input/output mode switch
RCA connectors for stereo audio output and input, power connector
Operating Temperature Range:
-10°C to 60°C
Available colour variants:
Black and Silver Grey
Sales Package:
Nokia Wireless Audio Gateway AD-42W, 2x CA-77U audio cables, Nokia Compact Charger AC-3, user guide