Nokia announce 3 Business Series 60 phones - E60, E61 and E70

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Nokia today announced the addition of three new business targeted Series 60 phones to its portfolio. The Nokia E60, E61 and E70, the first of the new Nokia Eseries range. The phones are based on Series 60 3rd edition and Symbian OS v9.1. The Nokia E60 provides a classic design with 3G and WLAN functionality. The E61 is a GSM quad-band, WCDMA2100 (3G), WLAN phone with, a full keyboard on the phone, a 16 million colour screen, and support for all the major corporate email systems. The E70, with two variants one for Europe/Asia (triband GSM with WCDMA) and one for the Americas (GSM50, in place of GSM 900) is an all in one messaging device with when opened up reveal a full messaging keyboard.



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More information and the technical specifications for the E61 are available here, for the E60 here, and E70 here.

Press Release:

New Nokia Family of Devices Targeted at the Business World
October 12, 2005

Nokia E60, Nokia E61 and Nokia E70 combine the power of 3G and WLAN with advanced voice services and mobile email applications in a variety of designs for every employee

London, UK/ New York, NY, USA - Nokia announced today the addition of three new models to its portfolio of business-optimized devices. The Nokia E60, Nokia E61 and Nokia E70 - the first of the new Nokia Eseries - are distinctively different in design and allow businesses of all sizes to mobilize their workforce. Nokia Eseries models combine attractive and easy-to-use designs that appeal to individual business users with new underlying technologies that allow IT departments to effectively manage security settings, corporate applications and data. Each of the devices is designed to accommodate must-have mobile applications needed in today's business world like mobile email and advanced voice calling functions. The Nokia E60, Nokia E61 and the Nokia E70 will be available in the first quarter of 2006 worldwide.
The Nokia E60, Nokia E61 and Nokia E70 support today's most popular and newly announced corporate mobile email solutions like BlackBerry Connect, GoodLink from Good Technology, Inc., Nokia Business Center, Seven Mobile Mail, Seven Always-On Mail and Visto Mobile.
The new Nokia Eseries devices are built on the latest edition of the Series 60 Platform, the world's leading smartphone software platform. Series 60 3rd Edition together with Symbian OS v. 9.1 provide an identical application environment for the Nokia E60, Nokia E61 and Nokia E70. They include a variety of GSM frequencies and 3G (WCDMA) cellular network support for seamless roaming across different countries, as well as a range of local connectivity options such as WLAN, Bluetooth and Infrared and are USB 2.0 compatible.
The Nokia E60, Nokia E61 and Nokia E70 also feature superior voice functionality and quality when compared to other devices that combine PDA-like features with a mobile phone.  The devices support advanced voice services, such as Internet (Voice over IP) phone calls, Push to talk, and other SIP-based rich call services giving businesses a variety of ways to make it easier for employees to collaborate or respond rapidly in or out of the office. Companies deploying an Avaya or Cisco IP PBX can connect the new Nokia devices directly to their corporate phone networks, enabling functions employees have come to expect from a corporate network like four-digit dialing and assisted call answering.
"When we carefully considered the requirements of our customers when developing these devices, two clear new trends emerged: the need for IT departments' to have a secure and manageable platform, and the need for devices to support a variety of employee preferences and different working styles," said Niklas Savander, senior vice president of Nokia's business device unit. "We understand what mobility means for business. These devices embody our extensive knowledge of user-focused functional design, security and cutting-edge wireless technologies. Our goal is to make it easy for our customers to choose Nokia devices for all their business mobility needs."
The new business-optimized devices are the first in the industry to support remote device management based on OMA DM* giving the IT manager powerful tools to remotely control and protect corporate data on the device and configure devices via device wipe, device lock or task management, application management and customization, for example. Nokia's well established competence in network security addresses strict corporate requirements covering information stored on devices, back-office systems and transmitted over networks
The Nokia E60: A classic design with unmatched voice features
The Nokia E60 provides the uncompromised look, comfort and usability of a classically designed mobile phone. Supporting an array of advanced call features from integrated speakerphone and conference calling to voice-aided applications like Push to talk, and IP-based telephony, the Nokia E60 is the best mobile device for active voice communications - in and out of the office. The Nokia E60 offers fast and flexible data connections with WCDMA enabling wide area connections and WLAN offers a cost effective option for local access. Although optimized for one-handed use, its large color screen makes email and calendar entries easy. The Nokia E60 operates in GSM900/1800/1900 and WCDMA2100 networks.
The Nokia E61
The Nokia E61 is designed in the familiar style of today's most popular mobile email devices. Yet it is incredibly slim and packed with powerful new functionality.  A cinch to use with either hand, the device has a four-way joystick and full keyboard combined with a wide 16 million color screen making mobile email easier than ever before. Supporting multiple mobile email clients like BlackBerry Connect, GoodLink, Nokia Business Center, Seven Mobile Mail, Seven Always-On Mail, and Visto Mobile, the Nokia E61 provides seamless and encrypted mobile connectivity.  Full attachment handling (documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDF viewer and ZIP manager) and an editing function (document, spreadsheet and presentation) are included.  The Nokia E61 also includes the same advanced business call features and IP-based telephony functions as the Nokia E60 and Nokia E70.  The Nokia E61 can send and receive emails, even when on a phone call.  The Nokia E61 operates in GSM850/900/1800/1900 and WCDMA2100 networks.
The Nokia E70: The all-in-one messaging device
At first glance, the Nokia E70 looks like a modern smartphone. Open it up and find a full messaging keyboard for fast and easy thumb typing, a generous color screen for viewing emails, plus attachments (document, spreadsheet, presentation, PDF viewer and ZIP manager) and an editing function (document, spreadsheet, presentation) for staying up-to-date with the inbox.  Like the Nokia E60 and Nokia E61, the Nokia E70 supports a common set of applications like advanced voice and email. Nokia will offer two versions of the Nokia E70 - one optimized for mobile networks in Europe and Asia (GSM900/1800/1900/WCDMA 2100) and one optimized for mobile networks in the Americas (GSM850/1800/1900), yet both versions are able to roam in GSM networks across regions.
Nokia also offers a comprehensive service portfolio for its business devices and solutions ranging from technical support to implementation, professional services and technical training.  Nokia's services are available to better serve customers and enable successful end-to-end mobility solutions.
A complete list of Nokia E60, Nokia E61 and Nokia E70 features and technical specifications can be found at . For further information about device and solution availability, please contact your local Nokia representative and local network operator.