New: ZipMan from WildPalm for the 7650

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WildPalm, the well known Symbian game developer, have released ZipMan for the Nokia 7650. ZipMan is a zip utility for the 7650 and can be used to uncompress and compress files.

Features:[list][*]Open .Zip files from Inbox[*]Automatically open documents stored in .Zip files[*]Create new .Zip files to send via Email[*]Add photos and memos to new .Zip files[*]Files can be added from other applications on the phone via plugins[*]Send new or existing .Zip files via Ir, Bluetooth or Email[*]Send any file stored in the .Zip file via Ir, Bluetooth or Email[*]Full on-line help[*]Free 15 day Trial[/list:u]

The program costs $10