New: Horse Race for the 92x0 from Digital Red

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Digital Red, the well known Chinese Developer has released Horse Race. The game involves betting on where horses will come in a race. Parameters to consider include weather, ground conditions and horse history. Looks gorgeous.

Details from Digital Red:
Horse Race is a game combining intelligence and fortune, which is fit for both single player and numerous players in all levels. The real race data and race stimulation are used in the match, so that giving us a real sense and unpredictable as well.

In the game, the player has two ways to bet for, Winner and Double Winner. The pay ratios of two ways are quite different. Winner is the first horse run out, while Double Winner means the two horses firstly run out and regardless of the order of two horses.

The player must choose the able horse he think according to analyzing the ability index/the race history/the condition of track/ the condition of weather, and bet for some point. Along with the stimulated picture and accompanied wonderful sound on the spot, the player will feel that he himself is in the ground and cheer for his horse. As well as the player will be satisfied with the abundant return of points.

The horses used for the match are all the registered famous horses in the horse race history. As a result that the qualified player will find a real sense in the game. Of course, the fresh player can rename the horse he likes in order to add to the happiness of the game.

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