Digital Red Nokia 92x0 News

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Digital Red have made several exciting announcements about software for the Nokia 92x0. Bowling 2002 is soon to be released and their big project nightmare is also to see the light of day shortly. Other games including horse racing are also promised for release soon.

In June, Digital-Red published the introduction plan of Bowling2002 formally. The game is also a product supporting network game, and will support SMS mode completely. Since its publication, the users have expected it earnestly. It is predicted that the product will come into the market in July.

Nightmare is the first adventure game of Nokia 9210/9290. The player will act as an adventuress named as Linda. The player will control Linda to explore in the five-story cellar and look for the source to terror. The game is a major product of Digital-Red after developing a number of products. Nightmare gathered the most wonderful developers and artist in Digital- Red. We will try our best to make Nightmare become the most classic game in Nokia 9210/9290.