Designed for S60 Devices logo program launched

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Forum Nokia has annouced details of the Designed for S60 Devices Logo program for Developers. The program features a logo that developers can use in their application marketing. For end users the logo shows the application is designed for S60 and that the application provider will tell you which devices the application will run on.

On the Forum Nokia website the program is described: 

The "Designed for S60 Devices" logo program is set up for developer use in application marketing. The program features an S60 logo specifically designed for developer use, with the aim of making it easier for developers to communicate that a particular offering is designed for S60 devices. Enrolling in the logo program enables you to:

  • Associate your offering with the leading smartphone platform, S60.
  • Demonstrate that your offering is designed for the S60 platform.
  • Take advantage of marketing momentum built up by S60 device manufacturers.

Included in the "Designed for S60 Devices" download are high resolution image files and documentation including a description of the S60 brand and details of the terms and conditions for using the branding.

Applications using the branding must be Symbian Signed or Java Verified and application providers must show which S60 Devices the program is compatiable with.

I recommend that all developers should make examining and implementing the program a high priority. Building a strong S60 brand is important for the whole community. A key offering of S60 is it's extensibility through third party programs, but among general end users it is one of the lesser known features. The Designed for S60 Devices program is a key way in which users can be educated about what their phones can do. The branding will also help highlight to users which applications are compatiable with their device.

 Designed for S60 Devices