A new lease of life or a minor update? The Nokia E90 hits v400

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Still regarded by some (including me) as the best smartphone for heavy email/office users, the Nokia E90 has received a major-versioned update to v400 firmware. Because the phone gets wiped as part of the upgrade process (no UDP here), it's difficult to measure the improvement in overall performance, so comments from users welcomed. Some screens below...

You can get the update by plugging in your E90 to your PC and using Nokia Software Update. Make sure you do all backups and sync before upgrading - but then you knew that, didn't you?


Interestingly, the Ovi Store is not included or even offered when visiting store.ovi. Installing the standalone Ovi Client manually works, but the fonts are (unsurprisingly) tiny:


Nokia Maps is said to have been updated, but it's still an old flavour of v2....


(via Vaibhav)