Nokia N97 - first impressions assessment

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Nokia's much anticpiated N97, which combines the key hardware trends of touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard, started shipping this week. In his first impressions review of the Nokia N97 Steve takes an initial look at Nokia's summer flagship and offers an initial indication of how the N97 measures up to its competition.

From the review:

"What follows is my initial tour of the Nokia N97 and my thoughts along the way. Over the next two weeks, we'll have further review parts, looking in more detail at every aspect of the N97.

In the hand, the N97 adds a few extra millimetres in width (allowing for the larger screen), in height (ditto) and in depth (due to the qwerty keyboard), but the overall device is still great to hold, with the bottom of the rear face curved downwards to both provide a natural handhold and stabilise the N97 when on a desk being typed on. It's still quite a bit narrower than other competing full-face devices, e.g. the iPhone, but the difference from the 5800 is enough that the N97 feels less of a touchscreen phone and more of a miniature tablet computer".

Read on in Nokia N97 first impressions.

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