Virus Percolation Effect on smartphones a load of BBC tosh

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So much for the quality stamp of being in the good 'ol BBC. Their latest Digital Planet podcast, going out worldwide, starts with an scaremongering piece which claims that the only reason why there hasn't been a mobile phone virus pandemic is that there aren't enough Symbian OS-powered phones out there yet. Completely ignoring the fact that the viruses mentioned are ALL for really old phones and OS versions, involve manual, deliberate installation and are aimed at really naive users. The Symbian Foundation's new PR dept would do well to fire a rocket into Gareth Mitchell, Jason Palmer and self-confessed expert Prof Barasbi, who, patently, haven't a clue what they're talking about. Pah.

Anyone from the BBC interested in finding out more about why phone malware really isn't a problem is welcome to contact anyone from All About Symbian - this stuff really isn't rocket science and I'm staggered what a pig's ear such prominent tech media personalities make of it.

Steve Litchfield