BBC Mobile gets a Custom Refresh

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The BBC's 'Mobile' site has been given (at least, in beta form) a huge refresh, with the code required so that you can customise the stories and features you see. Don't like Sport? Get rid of it. Live in Coventry? Make it your location for weather reports. And so on. Cleverly, there's also an inline panel showing top iPlayer content when the new custom page is viewed on compatible devices. Read on for more.

You can go straight to the new (beta status) custom page by going to in Web (there's also a link at the bottom of the standard Mobile home page. Here are some screenshots to give you an idea of how it looks and works.

BBC Mobile   BBC Mobile

Here's an extract from the press release, from the BBC:

The BBC today unveils the beta version of its new mobile homepage, which for the first time lets users personalise the BBC content they view on their handsets.

The new mobile site adapts automatically to give the best viewing experience for different handsets and networks.

Mobile users can now choose their favourite parts of the BBC mobile site and arrange the homepage as they wish, expanding or shrinking sections to achieve their ideal mix of music, news, sport, TV and radio, or any other BBC mobile content.

And for the first time, mobile users can localise their preferences for BBC information such as weather forecasts, TV schedules or news stories.

The BBC’s award-winning iPlayer* service fits in neatly too, along with other live schedule information and AV content from across the BBC.

This breakthrough follows the successful revamp of the homepage last year and is more evidence of the BBC’s rapid progress in opening up its rich quality content to a fast-growing mobile audience."