Beware The Evil Robot Duck Overlords of the Symbian Foundation

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The Symbian Foundation, as well as debuting their new corporate style at MWC, are using a number of social tools to allow you to follow them. The most obvious is their blog at which runs on the open source Wordpress system. Alongside this, they have a photo pool at Flickr where anyone can add relevant pictures; a Twitter account for the Foundation; and most importantly for a conference... their own coffee machine on Stand 8A77 in Hall 8.

Symbian Robot Duck

It's also worth pointing out David Wood's blog at Although it is a personal blog and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Symbian Foundation, it's chock full of behind the scenes details and the thoughts of David Wood, a man who has had a huge impact on the mobile computing space over many years.

More at the Symbian Foundation Blog.