Video: Scalado's PhotoFlow on the Nokia 5800

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PhotoFlow, from Scalado, is a piece of software that can be used to view, and zoom-in on, images stored on the phone. While Gallery ties in with the rest of the phone (e.g. send as MMS) PhotoFlow is a better performer if you are simply interested in viewing images; as our video demonstrates, you are able to browse through images and zoom in much faster than the standard Gallery application. Read on for more and to view the video.

The application takes advantage of some of the technology in Scalado's CAPS Imaging technology which is designed to improve imaging performance on mobile devices (viewing, capturing and manipulating). CAPS technology has been included in a number of products, but this is the first, widely available, S60 application that we've seen take advantage of it with such an apparent impact.

You can also view this video in HD resolution on the YouTube site here (higher quality and higher resolution).

This is also our first high resolution (HD) video, so we would be interested in hearing your feedback. Is video better when available in HD or is VGA resolution sufficient? Let us know in the comments thread.

Scalado's PhotoFlow is available as a free download for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. You can get it from the Download! application and you will find it in the Imaging sub-folder.