The Nokia N96 gets a big firmware update: v12.043

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Released a few minutes ago, the Nokia N96 just got its v12 update, to v12.043. See below for any changes or observations. The update's about 3MB over-the-air (a block-patch process using Red Bend's software, as usual, this seems to work really well) or about 120MB via Nokia's Software Update. Comments welcome if you're tagging along too...

The usual caveats apply about backing up before updating (preferably to memory card), but in theory your settings, data and applications will remain intact. 

The other usual caveat is about this only applying to SIM-free, non-network-branded devices. Obviously. If your phone is network branded then your update will be along in a month or two....

Main changes for v12.043:

  • General operation is faster, smoother and with less glitches (obviously. This is patently mainly a fix-up update - see the comments below for a fuller list)
  • Improvements to camera operation (better focussing) and (possibly) to video capture quality, although it's still demonstrably not as good as video capture on the N95 and N82, for example.
  • Improved Wi-Fi performance. Connects faster, and Range Improved
  • Now 45MB RAM free after boot. (Anyone know what it was before? 45MB doesn't seem enough....)

There's obviously a long way still to go on the N96 though. I had it refuse to recognise a USB connection only two minutes after the update. Sorted by a device reboot, but...

What else have you noticed?

Steve Litchfield

PS. For more on Red Bend and the block-patching process, see our video here

PPS. It seems that p@sco beat me to the news by one minute! Gah. One day I'll beat him to the punch!! 8-)