Exclusive (teaser): Tour Round Nokia Test Labs

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Along with a couple of other invited guests, I was privileged to get full access to Nokia's testing labs at Farnborough this morning. Two teaser photos are below the break, but there's lots more to come, once I've digested and edited all the raw video and photos I took for All About Symbian. Watch this space!


The photo above is of a batch of N78's (I think) being batch key-prodded at minus 40 Centigrade. Amazing that Nokia go this far....

Bending tests

No, the photo's not warped - the phone is. Just one of the tests that all designs have to pass....

I took loads of video and photos and there will be a special AAS video podcast up soon - I promise. You'll be able to have your very own virtual tour of Nokia's labs.

Steve Litchfield, 19 Nov 2008