Firmware updates for E71 (110.07.127) and E66 (110.07.126)

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New firmware updates are now available for both the Nokia  E71 (110.07.127) and the Nokia E66 (110.07.126). Updated applications include Mail for Exchange and Nokia Maps and there are improvements to the email and settings wizards, performance enhancements for Bluetooth and camera hardware as well as a number of bug fixes.

The updated firmware can be downloaded and installed using the Nokia Software Updater component of PC Suite. You will need to back up your data before proceeding with the new firmware update. If you have encrytped your devices memory card or internal drive you will also need to decrypt these before proceeding with the update.

This is a relatively small update and unless you are having problems may not be worth upgrading.

The updated versions of Nokia Maps and Mail for Exchange are available as stand alone SIS files and can therefore be installed separately. Indeed Mail for Exchange version 2.70 is now available (compared to 2.55 in this firmware).

Here is a link to a full change log (via Symbian Guru) for the Nokia E71 update.