For 2008, the AAS Pub Meet makes way for 'Evening with S60'

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Nokia will be holding an Evening with S60 in London the night before the Symbian Smartphone Show. It is a chance to see the newest S60 devices, get one-one-one demos and meet other S60 enthusiasts. The event will be held at Nokia's Flagship Store in Regent Street on October 20th between 7:30 and 10:00 pm. You need to register here if you want to attend the event.

Regular readers will know this is the same evening as the annual AAS Pub Meet. In order to avoid a clash of events we have decided to postpone the pub meet to a later date (to be decided, but probably near Christmas).

Rafe, Ewan and Steve will all be attending the Evening with S60. We look forward to seeing you, in person, at the Evening with S60. If you're a regular at the AAS Pub Meet the important thing to note is the need to pre-register for the Evening with S60 (and do it now because we think places will go quickly).