The Nokia N82 gets v30 too!

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I'd been holding off on this until it was fully available - but now the Nokia N82 just got its v30 firmware upgrade too, following on from the v30 upgrades for N95 and N95 8GB, with similar (but not identical) improvements, namely more stable Flash Lite 3, Maps 2.0, new Music player visualisations and increased speed and overall performance, less sensitive auto-screen rotation, Share online 3.0, plus numerous other detailed fixes and improvements, including better battery life. Sadly, the dim display 'feature' hasn't been fixed. But with UDP (User Data Preservation) in place you shouldn't need to restore data or apps or settings. But - you know - an extra sync of your PIM data might be a good idea - just in case?

Comments welcome if you spot anything else interesting in the firmware or have a story about UDP.

v30 for N82

Steve Litchfield, All About Symbian