Files on Ovi now available in beta

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Files on Ovi, which provides access to files on remote computers, is the latest Ovi service and is now available in beta form. After installing a software 'connector' on your PC you can then access files on your computer from any web enabled device (e.g. another PC or your phone). Files on Ovi is the results of last year's acquisition of Avevnu by Nokia.


Browsing the files on my PC from my phone.

Files on Ovi acts as a bridge allowing you to access files on your own PC from any remote device. Access is through the Files on Ovi website which displays a file and folder structure similar to Windows Explorer (see screenshots below). You can preview certain file types before downloading them (Word, Excel, PDF, images). You can also upload files from the remote device to your PC (e.g. upload a document from your phone which means it will be sitting in your My Documents folder when you return to your PC).


Image listings and a preview of an Excel spreadsheet.

A key feature of Files on Ovi is the ability to access files even if the host PC is switched off. In order to do this files or folders must be marked as 'anytime files' (you do this on the website), the connector software will then upload these files from the host PC to be stored in the cloud (Files on Ovi server). As you add, update or remove files on the host PC they will be automatically synced up to the cloud. Each Files on Ovi subscription comes with 10GB of storage.

Anytime files can thus be accessed even if the your PC is switched off. If you upload files from a remote device when your PC is switched off they will be downloaded to the host PC the next time it is switched on.

The ability to share files and folder with others is another important feature. You can opt to share a file or folder for a given length of time by sending a sharing message, by email, to anyone you like. You can, optionally, revoke sharing privileges at any time.

On a mobile device most operations take place on the page for each file / folder:


Note the links at the bottom for sending (to others), downloading and adding to anytime files. You can also see how the image has been resized (previewed) to give the optimium display on the mobile device.

Files on Ovi is the first Ovi service to use the new unified Nokia / Ovi login ( It may be worth signing up for an account now to ensure you get the username you want.

Files on Ovi is currently in Beta. In the future the anytime files function will be a premium service for which you will have to pay a fee. Using the service using only the connector shoudl remina free (if the Avvenu model continues to apply). However the anytime file functionality is where the most value is; for the time being you can sign up and receive a 90 day trial.


You can download files (or folders) from Files on Ovi or Upload files from your phone to your PC. If you
upload a file from another device it will automatically be downloaded to local storage on the host PC.


You can search for files on your PC (if you have Google Desktop Search installed).

You can also access Files on Ovi from a PC browser. This more cloesly replicates the experience of using a file manager on a PC.


Viewing the contents of a folder full of pictures.


Showing a preview of an image.

Previewing an Excel Spredsheet

The connector software runs silently in the background.
Here it shows the anytime files that have been updated.

Although branded under to Ovi name Files on Ovi, like Share on Ovi, can be used on a wide variety of devices. There's currently no on-board client software for viewing and downloading files - all you need is access to a web browser - as such it should run on most recent phones.

Currently the PC component (the connector software) in Windows only, but Nokia intend to extend this to other platforms in the future.

Thanks to Taskussa (a Finnish blog) for informing us of the availability of Files on Ovi.