...And Warners Makes Three

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Warner Music Group become the third of the so called 'Big Four' music labels to sign up to Nokia's "Comes With Music" program. Sitting alongside Sony BMG and Universal, this accounts for between 65%-70% of the total music market depending on which figures you use. Only EMI are outside of the program now - and once they come on board expect a big PR push from the Finns.

"Comes With Music" continues to attract attention, both from the commentators and the consumers. The principle of download (and keep) whatever music you want from the Nokia Store at no cost for a year after buying a new phone (expected to be restricted to 'music focussed' Nseries devices coming in Q3/Q4) is an attractive and easy sell to the modern market. Of course you pay as part of the phone's purchase cost, and it's that fee, which gets split by Nokia to be shared amongst the partners in the program that raises the eyes of the commentators.

Because music (well, legal music) online is not cheap, costing close to the same price as a physical CD. Which means that either Nokia is getting a huge discount from the publishing labels so they can get significant mind share in the young, affluent mobile users - you know, the people most likely to buy concert tickets and t-shirts; or Nokia are going to be handing over a significant bundle of cash for all the music they distribute.

As expected, financial terms have not been disclosed for the Warners deal - or any of the deals. The cost remains shrouded, even though there;'s a lot of interest in just how Nokia are managing this.

The full press release is available via Nokia's Press section.