More E71 ruminations - the argument for QVGA and why Nokia got this one dead right

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With the release of the 2.4"-screened, QVGA E71, some naive bloggers were shouting down Nokia for not putting in a VGA display. Here's why the bloggers got this one wrong - in my humble opinion, of course! Comments welcome. And at what point in the future do you think VGA will become practical and affordable in 'phones'?

"Even looking at applications and uses that can arguably use a greater resolution, things are not clearcut. Web is a good example. With four times as many pixels, a far higher fraction of a typical web layout can be rendered in one go – it'll look gorgeous but you can't easily read most of the information on it. So you end up using the zoom function – which, in S60 Web only goes to 125%, not enough to make the text size comfortable and ruining the experience. Even on the Nokia E90's huge 800 pixel wide screen, where you'd expect Web to be far superior, I was forever running into sites and layouts whose apparently miniscule text was very frustrating to read."

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