Mobile Web Demographics Alter Over the Weekend

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Now here's interesting for the trend spotters. Use of the 'mobile' web goes up at weekends compared to the working week. And on top of that, the sites being visited aren't the same as those from the office connection. Business Week has more on the cyclical habits of the browsers.

Worth pointing out the article is based around American habits, but I'd expect it to hold true throughout the world. There's also some breakdown on the most popular US sites from mobiles, and the expected top sites (Google, MySpace and Facebook) take to the wings when Saturday comes, and the mobile user's thoughts turn to leisure. Perhaps surprisingly, the classified ad site Craigslist comes top at the weekends.

Of course, most Web surfing still happens via PC, but M:Metrics' research shows that when it occurs by way of mobile, much of it takes place on the weekend. The number of unique visitors to the mobile Web spikes on Saturdays, according to March figures compiled by M:Metrics. The number surged to 4.17 million on Saturdays, an 8% increase from Fridays and 4% more than on the next busiest day, Monday, according to the study, which tracked behavior by 1,861 U.S. smartphone owners.

More at Businessweek (and thanks to MoCoNews).