S60 Summit's Top Gear: Ewan Reports on the Shaker Racer

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One of the most well received projects in the demo area of the S60 Summit at Barcelona this week was Shaker Racer - a radio controlled truck using not the regular RC sticks, but the accelerometers in a Blue-tooth-connected S60 handset. I had to find out more, in our special video report.

The truck has been around a number of Nokia events, including the recent "See Into S60" days and the San Francisco Web 2.0 Expo, and is a great demo of how the new sensors on smartphones can interact with the world.

(Download in MP4 Video format)

Thanks to Andreas Jakl (the man behind the code Shaker Racer) for the interview and letting the truck outside the confines of the ring, and of course for building it in the first place. More at the project home page.

The traditional music for any report with some automotive action is of course Jessica, by The Allman Brothers Band, while the rocking action as we drive around the conference is provided by Finnish based rock ban Valerian.

-- Ewan Spence, May 2008