Nokia N78 now available in Finland

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The Finnish online electronics shop has started shipping its first Nokia N78 smartphones to customers, with a sim-free unlocked pre-tax price of 367 euros (the Finnish price behind the link is 448 euros which includes 22% local sales tax). The price includes a 1 year subscription to Nokia Maps Navigation for the Nordic region. It shouldn't be long before the N78 rolls out to other countries too.

In case anyone is interested in deciphering the link above, here are some helpful Finnish phrases:

"Saatavuus: Heti" = available now

"Hinta" = price

"Kpl" = unit

"Yli 25 kpl" = over 25 units

"Viimeksi myyty" = last sold

"Viimeksi saapuneet erät" = last received batches of goods

"Varastosaldo" = amount of goods in stock