UIQ 3.3 widgets via Opera Widgets SDK

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Opera has announced the availability of the Opera Widgets SDK. The SDK allows the development of cross device and cross platform applications using standard web technologies (HTML, CSS, DOM, Javascript). Opera Widgets can run, assuming the presence of the Opera browser (9.5), on a PC, mobile phones (e.g. UIQ 3.3 phones), game consoles (Wii) and TVs. Opera Widgets is the widget platform that will be used by future UIQ devices.

The SDK includes a Widget emulator to allow developers to test their widgets on multiple devices. It will show how a widget will appear on a TV, computer and mobile screen and is intended to make cross-device development easier. There's also a set of libraries available for adding animation and other characteristics to widget applications. Also bundled with the SDK is Opera Dragonfly. Opera Dragonfly is a recently announced developer tool designed to help with debugging of web technology implementations. The SDK also includes documentation and access to forums for support.

Here are a few example screenshots of how Opera Widgets would appear on a UIQ 3.3 device.

Widgets clock widget opera widget dashboard