Verizon and Mozilla Back Limo over Google Android

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Fun in the world of Linux Mobile OS today as Google's Android sees too potential partners, Verizon and Firefox makers Mozilla, put their weight behind the LiMo Foundation (reports BetaNews). Having hardware, software and suppliers working on your ecosystem is key to any mobile endeavour, and it is perhaps one of the quiet strengths of Symbian that so many companies are involved in Symbian OS, and all publicly pulling in the same direction.

Google's Android play started off promisingly, with some 15 companies behind the proto OS in the initial press releases, but further announcements to build up mind share and momentum in the mobile market space. Mozilla was one of those companies announced as being behind Android initially:

In a blog post this morning, Mozilla's mobile director Jay Sullivan said his firm was happy to join up, among other reasons, because it wants to see some action in the field of mobile Linux development, as opposed to all this time it sees being wasted around developing some kind of standards specification in the interim.

"Linux has great potential as a mobile platform, but it's been hampered by fragmentation over the last several years," Sullivan wrote. "LiMo brings together many major device manufacturers, network operators and others in the mobile ecosystem to cooperate on building a Linux-based mobile middleware platform. Manufacturers and network operators can develop unique user experiences and differentiate on top of that platform. What makes LiMo especially attractive for Mozilla is that it's all about code, where previous efforts around mobile Linux have been more focused on developing standards."

Of course there's no need to be exclusive in these arrangements (and I'm looking at Motorola here in particular), but even if you are involved in more than one project, the main corporate thrust is always behind just one of them. It will be interesting to see where efforts from both Google and LiMo go next to woo people to their flavour of Mobile Linux.

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