dotMobi Buys Mowser For Mobile Web Integration

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Congrats to Russ Beattie and Mike Rowehl, the guys behind Mowser. It may well have looked dead and buried a few weeks ago, but the service has been bought by the dotMobi consortium. Reporting on Dev.Mobi, James Pearce charts out the use of their new toy, namely to drive Opt-In mobilisation of websites, integrating the Mowser Directory, and of course using the (re)formatting technology.

We're very excited about this. Russell Beattie and Mike Rowehl are both very talented mobile gurus and they'll be joining the dotMobi team to help us do cool things with their technology. We did this deal because Mowser fits really well into lots of our current projects.
James Pearce

This is great news - Miker and I got pinged by a surprising number of people and companies interested in Mowser, but we went with dotMobi because they were first, enthusiastic, and we felt they would provide a good home for our work. While we didn't get rich on the deal by any stretch, I've been able to pay off a bunch of debts (and not worry about stuff like rent and food) which has been a huge load off my mind.
Russ Beattie

They're already hooked up with folks looking to go mobile and in a unique position to offer the service without the hurdles Russ and I had in reaching motivated site owners. Like we discussed at the last Mobile Monday in Silicon Valley, one of the most important aspects of planning out a mobile business is to have the right partnerships in place to give you a strong market channel.
Mike Rowehl

Congrats all round, nice to have a happy ending for the end of the week.