Sports Tracker to Life Tracker

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There's an interesting article on Business Week about Nokia's unexpected success with their free Sports Tracker utility/service/web site, with users generating content based around uses that were far wider than Nokia originally expected. In related news, Nokia has now released their 'urbanista' (Sports Tracker) widget for general embedding in other people's sites and blogs. Here's the info page and here's a (blogged) test photo-walk I did yesterday to try it out. Make sure you have the very latest version of Sports Tracker, v1.71. There's a full AAS tutorial in the making too, watch this space.

Oh, and ignore the display of the Blogger 'copy' code on their Flash site, it's shown incomplete. Just click on the 'Copy' button and the right, full code will be placed in the desktop's clipboard.

As I say, wait for the tutorial here if you're in any way unsure about what to do.

Steve Litchfield