It's an m.web - A Top Ten Mobile Web Sites

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With Mowser's impending demise, a lot of discussion has been centred this week on the future of the mobile web. Ewan reckons that it's stronger than ever and has produced a rundown of his Top 10 mobile web sites as evidence. What's especially interesting is that some of these m.versions are more useful than either the full desktop-designed site or the service's own downloadable client. Comments welcome: what other m.sites have you found that are also worthy of a mention?

"With all the talk of browsers being better able to handle full web sites, and proxy services such as Opera Mini that do all the hard work changing sites for you, some of you may have been wondering why mobile versions of these sites are needed? Hopefully you’ll have seen here that they provide a valuable service, making life easier for the user. After all, these companies are in the best place possible to make an optimized site, given that the data and the information is on their servers already!"

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