Flash Video and Web Runtime hit the Nokia N82

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In perhaps the biggest and most long-awaited firmware upgrade in the S60 world for many months, the so-far flakey Nokia N82 finally had its uber-upgrade released, to v20.0.062. It's on NSU now for unlocked/unbranded devices. See below for images and details, but the main additions are the addition of Flash Lite 3 (and Flash video) and integrated GPS Location tagging; plus Web runtime (widgets).

[Note: User Data Preservation worked fine, all my data, settings and apps were preserved!!] 

Here are the changes noticed so far:

  • Flash Lite 3 (including Flash video) - YouTube works, but the frame rate isn't stellar and videos seem to need 'opening on the page' rather than playing automatically
  • Web runtime (Widgets)
  • GPS location tagging is now integrated into the Camera software, as a setting (default is 'Off'), plus 'Show on Map' is there when viewing a photo later
  • More stable software, numerous bug fixes
  • Plus (according to Nokia's firmware web site) 'camera exposure improvements' and 'improvements to Bluetooth headset interoperability'

Screenshot Screenshot


And now some shots of the GPS/camera integration:

Screen, turning location tagging on Screenshot

Screenshot, GPS icon in interface Screenshot, in Gallery

Steve Litchfield, AllAboutSymbian, 10.34am, 8 April 2008