Opera Mini 4.1 Beta Now Available

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More Convenient! More Productive! More Fun! Announced at CTIA in Las Vegas, the new version of Opera Mini, v 4.1, certainly sounds like it's at home with the lingo of the city of flashy lights. This is a beta release, but nevertheless with a speed increase of up to 50% and the ability to save pages and content without invoking any other application on your device, Opera Mini continues to provide strong competition to on-device browsers. Screenshots and more details below.

From the press release:

The new Opera Mini takes your mobile browsing experience to a new level of interactivity with both the phone and the Web. With Opera Mini 4.1 you can:

  • Go racing
  • Opera knows a thing or two about performance. Opera Mini 4.1 features speed improvements and is up to 50% faster than Opera Mini 4.
  • Autocomplete your URLs
    Save your fingers. Opera Mini will automatically suggest URL completions, making address input easy and intuitive.
  • Save pages
    Getting ready to lose your signal? Make the most of offline time by saving Web pages for later viewing.
  • Find content in the page
    Finding that word or phrase on the small screen has never been easier. Opera Mini now lets you immediately find the content you want.
  • Download and upload files
    Now you never have to leave Opera Mini for your phone's clunky native browser to download images, ringtones and other content, or add attachments to e-mail. Opera Mini handles all of these files.


Opera Mini 4.1 Opera Mini 4.1 

Opera Mini 4.1 Opera Mini 4.1

Read more at Opera, or download from operamini.com/beta/.