Apple Investigates "All You Can Eat Music"

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I said at the time of Nokia's "Comes with Music" announcement ("all you can eat" music included in the price of a new handset) that if Apple had made the announcement then it would be like the second coming on the blogs. The FT reports today that Apple are negotiating just such a deal - but also reports a rumoured price of Nokia's offer... $80 per handset, distributed by market share to the labels.

Nokia is understood to be offering almost $80 per handset to music industry partners, to be divided according to their share of the market. However, Apple has so far offered only about $20 per device, two executives said. “It’s who blinks first, and whether or not anyone does blink,” one executive said.

The full article is at the site. Commentary on the apple angle, ooh at pretty much every Apple blog you care to mention.