Hands-on Preview of the Nokia N78

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Rafe also spent a lot of time with the Nokia N78 at Mobile World Congress. Here's his detailed and illustrated preview. A natural evolution of the best-selling N73, despite the hardware improvements, it's the software and services improvements that really caught Rafe's imagination, taking Ovi and a much more rounded package to the mass market.

"The Nokia N78, announced at Mobile World Congress 2008, is a candybar form factor Nseries phone with a 3.2 megapixel camera, integrated GPS with WiFi and HSDPA connectivity. It is Nokia’s new entry level Nseries product (a relative term when it comes to Nseries – the N78 comfortably qualifies as a mid to high-end product when seen in the context of Nokia’s complete device portfolio). In terms of hardware, the N78 is a step down from its Nseries sisters – less out of the box memory, smaller screen size, smaller camera resolution – but for the most part the actual functionality is still there, making the N78 a compelling proposition for those on a budget."

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