Nokia Media Network Promises High Click Through for Certain Advertisers

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And here's the mobile advertising announcement, Nokia Media Network, a 'premiere mobile advertising network' (their phrase), was announced at MWC. This appears to be the re-branding of the Enpocket advertising company the Finnish company purchased on October 2007, allowing companies to place advertising on Operator and Mobile Publisher pages.

Mobile Advertising is something a number of companies are striving to get right. With the smartphone being such a personal device (and if the usage data of the owner can be leveraged), targeted advertising to products and services should be an easy goal.

But with a number of involved parties in the mix (the user, the advertiser, the publisher, the operators and now the handset manufacturer) it's a bit more complicated than just buying an advert in The Times. What is clear is that marketing spend to mobile is evident in the campaign plans of a number of companies, and there is money floating around there. Whoever can make a system that respects the end-user, but provides a comfortable solution to the normally resistant adverting companies, can take the lions share of that cash.

One final thought.... I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to pick through the statement that "Nokia Media Network's wide reach of the most desirable mobile audience is yielding click-through rates averaging 10% in certain channels, the highest reported response rates in the industry."

Full Press Release

Nokia launches premier mobile advertising network
February 11, 2008  

Nokia Media Network, comprised of top operators and publishers including AccuWeather, Discovery, Hearst, Reuters, and Sprint is resulting in industry-leading response rates for advertisers
Mobile World Congress 2008, Barcelona, Spain/Espoo, Finland - Nokia today announced the launch of the global Nokia Media Network, a premium advertising network including over 70 leading publisher and operators as well as Nokia media properties.  AccuWeather, Discovery, Hearst, Reuters, and Sprint have joined with Nokia to form the first global mobile ad network of top tier publishers.  Nokia Media Network's wide reach of the most desirable mobile audience is yielding click-through rates averaging 10% in certain channels, the highest reported response rates in the industry.
"Nokia is building upon an unrivaled understanding of the mobile consumer, our relationships with blue chip publishers and top tier operators, and a legacy of campaign optimization through analytics to create a high-performing solution for advertisers," said Vice President and Head of Nokia Interactive, Mike Baker. "The biggest brands in the world trust us with their mobile advertising because they know the Nokia Media Network enables them to reach the largest, highest quality audience on mobile and provides the best ROI."
Nokia enables advertisers to place ads on high quality and brand-safe publisher and operator mobile Web pages, as well as Nokia properties, representing an unprecedented global consumer reach - more than 100 million mobile consumers around the globe.  As part of the turn-key service for advertisers, the award-winning mobile marketing team from Nokia creates mobile campaigns for hundreds of top brands, including BMW, Paramount, and MobiTV.
Nokia acquired mobile advertising leader, Enpocket, in October 2007.  Nokia leverages Enpocket's ground breaking analytics technology to optimize campaigns, improve conversions, and measure campaign performance across the network.
"Mobile has been beneficial in helping BMW reach consumers at the lower end of the funnel, when they are close to making their vehicle-buying decision" said Samuel Martinez Ballesteros, Marketing Communication
Internet and New Media, BMW Ibérica. "Nokia has helped us reach our target audience, resulting in increased visibility and lead generation for us."
To share expertise with brands, agencies, and publishers globally, Nokia has expanded its account management and media sales teams to include offices in Beijing, Boston, Chicago, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Helsinki, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Milan, Minneapolis, Mumbai, Munich, New York, Paris, Singapore and Shanghai.