N-Gage First Access goes live

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A pre-release version of Nokia's new N-Gage gaming platform is now available for Nokia N81 users. N-Gage First Access lets N81 owners download the pre-release version of the N-Gage application (through which all N-Gage activity takes place) and try and buy select N-Gage games. Other N-Gage compatible devices will be added to the service in due course. Read on for more.

In order to use the N-Gage service you must download the N-Gage application. This is the portal application that allows access to the games and community features. This is a pre-release version and the features of the service are still evolving.

The First Access portion of the N-Gage web site has all the details you need including the download, FAQ and support forums.

Here's what the N-Gage Blog has to say about First Access:

N-Gage First Access allows Nokia N81 owners to download the pre-release version of the N-Gage application, try and buy N-Gage games, and provide feedback on the experience. It’s a great opportunity to be the first to join the new wave of mobile play.

The features available through this pre-release version of the N-Gage application are constantly evolving, so keep in mind that this offering is only the beginning, and our feature set, game catalog and device portfolio will continue to grow in the weeks and months ahead.

We'll be updating this news story with more screen shots and opinion over the next few hours.

In case you're wondering - this version really is limited to the N81. If you try and install the SIS file on another phone it will fail because there is a device check.

UPDATE 1: Here's some screens of the installation and initial player registration. So yes, when you whip "Ewan Spence" that really is me. It should be noted that these Arena User Names are temporary, and all scores and names will be resest when the N-Gage application leaves beta.

N-Gage First Look Screens
PC Installation Files


N-Gage First Look (N81) N-Gage First Look (N81) N-Gage First Look (N81)


N-Gage First Look (N81) N-Gage First Look (N81) N-Gage First Look (N81)

Installing and running for the first time

 The default 'get started' pack includes:

  • N-Gage application (required)  (6.3MB)

  • Space Impact: Kappa Base  (11.7MB)

  • System Rush: Evolution  (13.2MB)

  • Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep  (28MB)

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