All I Want To Do Is Buy An N95!

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We talk a lot about the trials of buying a smart phone for the regular user, and with the increasing complexity of these devices, it's not an easy decision to make. So when web luminary Eric Rice decided that the device to replace his iPhone was going to be a Nokia N95 , he hadn't counted on Nokia USA's retail therapy. Eric's video message to Nokia is here ... 



Who would think it would be SO DIFFICULT to buy an overpriced phone from Nokia (to switch FROM an IPHONE ffs)? I’m already OVER the fact that I will never be able to go into a physical store to touch/hold/read-the-side-of-a-box. (I know, call me crazy for wanting to see/touch a product I’ll be buying, wacky, eh?). Fine. Most online retailers can’t seem to clearly get stats published properly and even calling Nokia themselves has left me with doubt that even they know (and hey, nice way to have your sales guys throw people to tech support and drop the sale in the process).
Eric's thoughts are over on his blog