Nokia Music Store (UK) now live

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The Nokia Music Store (UK) is now live at The PC site requires Internet Explorer (partly due to the Nokia Music Bar which is used to download tracks) and is open to allcomers. The mobile version (same address) can currently only be accessed on a Nokia N95 8GB or a Nokia N81, using the dedicated on-device client. [Updated] Screenshots showing both the store and buying tracks below the break! See also our earlier story which gives additional background details on the Music Store.

Here's the front page of the Music Store as seen on a PC:

And shots of the store seen on a Nokia N95 8GB:

Screenshot Screenshot
 Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot 

Interestingly, the store client seems to be a customised version of Web, although Web itself exists independently and you can run a browser session elsewhere at the same time.

Screenshot Screenshot

My searches for some of my favourite bands produced patchy results. Your mileage will vary though! Anyway, let's try and buy a track, download it and then play it:

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

All pretty smooth, although I did cheat slightly by using Wi-Fi rather than 3G data!

Finally, here's a YouTube Video (courtesy of nokiacreative) showing the music store in action, also on an N95 8GB:


Other devices are likely to be supported in the near future.