The N95 gets even more iPhone-ish?

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How come these technologies didn't surface nine months ago? First we had that early beta of Rotate Me, with auto sensing of attitude to swivel the N95's screen. And now (from the forum) comes news of an accelerometer project demonstrating the power and response of the N95's sensor with a moving ball example, with even vertical movement sensed and reacted to. Link and notes below.

Activity Monitor is the host page for the accelerometer plug-in and the example game/utility, link here.

VERY IMPORTANT: fun though this is, bear in mind it's a trivial bit of example code and meant for programmers. So don't spread it too widely or make grand claims for it. Hopefully some enterprising developers out there will see the code and leap into life to add accelerometer support to their apps.

Wonder if the plug-in will work from Python?

And why on earth haven't Nokia made more of the sensor, given how responsive it is??

Steve Litchfield