A keychain GPS for your smartphone?

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Proporta do seem to snap up some of the best accessory ideas. They've just launched a 'Keychain GPS', weighing only 30g, with SiRF III chipset and USB (and 12V) charging. They claim it'll work from within a pocket, briefcase or handbag, meaning that provided you remember to keep it charged, you can pretend your Bluetooth-equipped smartphone has its own, private, invisible GPS.


The Freedom Keychain GPS SiRF Receiver can be charged in the car or at home. Ideal for connecting to your notebook, PDA or Mobile Phone by state of the art Bluetooth technology. This powerful GPS receiver comes with the latest in GPS technology, the SiRF Star III works from your pocket, hand bag or briefcase. Works with all the popular mapping software currently available.  

The Freedom Keychain GPS SiRF Receiver is currently the world’s most compact and neatest GPS receiver available, and is capable of connecting simultaneously to up to up to 20 satellite channels, as well as having a solid working time of 10hrs.

GPS Specification: Chipset – SiRF Star III. 20 Channels “All-In-View” tracking. Protocol: NMEA 0183/GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG, GLL.
Baud Rate: 57,600 bps. Frequency L1, 1,575.42 Mhz. Tracking Sensitivity: 159 dBm..
Position deviation*: 10 meters 90%. 2D RMS 1-5 meters. Velocity: 0.1 m/sec..
Effective temperatures: Storage: -40°C +70°C. Working: -20°C +60°C. Air humidity: 5 – 90%
Internal Ceramic Patch antenna. MMXC connection for external antenna.

Bluetooth Specification:
Connection to PDAs, SmartPhones, Blackberrys and all suitable Bluetooth enabled devices (UMPCs etc.) via Bluetooth Version 2.0 Class II. (CSR BC04.) - 10 Meter range, using Serial Port Profile (SPP).

Software Packages:
No software is delivered with this device. There is an ever increasing choice of software available, some specifically designed for your particular handset and products from both Microsoft, Google and others are free downloads. The device is compatible with all of the wide selection of software packages now available at low cost for direct download onto the handset, including:- The AA, Active Pilot, BlackBerry Maps, CoPilot Live 6, Destinator 6, Gate 5,Google Maps, Mapquest, Memory Map, Navigation Mobile, Navman, Nokia/Smart2Go, Navicor, Route 66, Spot, Telenav, Wayfinder.

Rechargeable 450mAh Lithium Polymer battery. Working time: Up to 9 hours. USB charger cable and Car charger cable provided for recharging in the home/office or in the car.

Freedom Keychain GPS Receiver, 12/24v Car charger cable, USB Home charger cable, Key link, Quick Start Guide and hints manual.