Vodafone UK Announces MusicStation Subscription Service

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Vodafone (reports SMS Text Notes ) have announced their ‘celestical jukebox’ MusicStation service will be available on all handsets from November this year. The headline cost is going to be £1.99 a week. This will give you unlimited music downloads from an online library of over one million tracks from major and independent music labels.

Driven by Omniphone’s Music Station, the service includes the facilities to share tracks and play lists with other users; along with a recommendation engine (similar in principle to Last.FM and Pandora). Vodafone hope this will allow up and coming bands to appear alongside more established artists.

With the price comparable to other “unlimited” services such as Napster, but in a much more accessible format for the smartphone user, the Vodafone MusicStation is going to have the immediacy of use and could prove to be a festive hit.