The iPhone makeover for S60 3rd Edition?

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The sounds you hear are S60 UI-creator Christian Lindholm having a heart attack and the thunder of the feet of Apple's lawyers. Darla's been reviewing iTheme for S60 - more than a simple theme, it's a Flash 2.0 replacement for the standby and menu screens. A cool use of Flash, but I'm not letting it near any of my devices...

Darla: "Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the interface of the iPhone?  Maybe some have and maybe some haven't, but seeing an app like this even I became a bit interested.  This form of customization goes way beyond basic theme creation.

I originally spotted the V-Theme review on P@sco's site which lead me to further investigate what this intriguing app was.  Since P@sco has reviewed V-Theme for S60 3rd edition (in Italian) I will detail its partner app iTheme for S60 3rd.

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