amAze - the UK's first free voice-guided navigation solution?

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LocatioNet has launched amAze, 'the UK's first free mobile mapping, navigation and local search solution', with voice guidance, maps and satellite imagery. As with Google Maps for Mobile, it's Java-based with heavy reliance on a data connection, but it's reported to work with both Bluetooth GPS and built-in receivers. The press release and link follow....

LocatioNet Launches 'amAze' - UK's First Free Mapping and Navigation Service for UK Mobile Users

Thursday, July 19th 2007, 11:00

London, July, 19 2007 - LocatioNet Systems Ltd., a leading provider of mobile mapping and location applications, today announced that it has launched 'amAze' - the UK's first free mobile mapping, navigation and local search solution for regular mass-market mobile phones. amAze has been tailored to the UK market following on from the successful worldwide beta launch announced by LocatioNet in February,2007.

amAze enables regular, Java-enabled mobile phone users to access with satellite images, clear maps, route-planning, weather forecasts and local search information from anywhere in the UK. An additional voice-guided navigation feature can be accessed using any external bluetooth GPS device or phones with a built-in GPS.

LocatioNet is the first company to offer consumers a free mobile navigation and mapping application based on the emerging ad-funded business model. Income from amAze is generated through advertisements and sponsorship which are intelligently integrated into the application, such as location sensitive ads displayed to the user, based on his/her location. Companies can also sponsor the opening screen when the application is activated. The sponsorship branding can be replaced at any given time.

Ofer Tziperman, President of LocatioNet commented; "While other similar services are charging users a monthly premium fee of up to 7.00 Euro, amAze is unique by offering a free service for consumers. It only requires a one time, simple software download to the mobile phone, while revenue for the service is generated via unobtrusive sponsors and advertisers. The service is completely free for the consumer".

amAze will presents advertisements to consumers only when they are using the application and no attempt is made to address the user at any other time. This approach addresses the concerns of users who want to receive free content or services, yet do not want to be 'spammed' with advertisements on their mobile phones and want to have full control over when they will be exposed to such advertisements.

"We want the ads to enrich the user experience and deliver valuable money saving to our users," continued Tziperman. "We will enrich the user experience via advertising, not make it a turn-off for consumers."

amAze delivers the following easy to use features:
  • Easy to use visual and voice guidance to any destination
  • Ability to search any location by address
  • Highlight any required location on high quality map or Satellite imagery
  • Search and navigate to businesses listed in Yellow Pages directories
  • Calculate the fastest route between two locations
  • Save and manage personal favourites
  • View graphical weather forecasts displayed on maps
amAze is being launched as a collaborative effort led by LocatioNet and includes leading vendors in the fields of mapping, satellite imagery, Yellow Pages, weather and other geographically related content.

Users can log into the amAze web site to register and download the application absolutely free -

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