Vodafone withdraw N76 due to returns numbers

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I doubt most Nokia N76 buyers in the UK (it's been an exclusive with Vodafone, remember) were reading my review, so I'd love to know the reasons given by users, but a reliable source is quoted as saying that "Vodafone has decided to withdraw the Nokia N76 with immediate effect. This is due to the high level of customer returns of the phone." Can anyone at Vodafone fill in more detail?
In my review, part of my conclusion was "The N76, currently on exclusive in the UK to Vodafone, is bundled with some music tracks and, together with the prominent, dedicated music controls on the front cover, give clues as to where the industry perceives this device should be positioned. In truth, it's not a bad music phone, with a 2GB microSD loaded up with WMA or AAC tracks, your favourite in-ear 3.5mm headphones and the front controls, you're all set for some pretty good listening - at least you are once they've fixed the A2DP, the hiss and the button delay in a firmware update.

Currently though, with these music player issues, with the camera functions hamstrung by the appalling display characteristics, and with S60 available in many other form factors these days, about all the N76 has got going for it is its sense of style."

Possibly some clues in there, but I'd love to know for sure. Oh, and Nokia R and D? Next time, get some of early adopters in to give real world feedback BEFORE you release a device to manufacturing, eh?

Steve Litchfield