Too much plastic? The Apple iPhone vs. the Nokia E61i

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OK, so I got my hands on an Apple iPhone for a while (it's had to go back now... sob). Lovely piece of kit, but what I really wanted to know was how it would stack up against the Nokia E61i (effectively one of the smartphones ridiculed by Steve Jobs as 'having too much plastic'). Smartphones Show 38 is the result. Oh, and I threw in the W950i as well, to add some music focus... Links: YouTube, MP4 format, RSS. Enjoy...
"What is it?"

A television programme all about smartphones, but broadcast over the Internet. Think of it as a video podcast ('videocast' or 'vodcast' or 'vlog'). Most people are now on broadband around the world and you should have no problems downloading each programme (around 50MB) and watching on your desktop, iPod, PSP or smartphone. A new show will be available every few weeks. If you'd like to subscribe automatically, here's the iTunes feed. And here's the raw RSS feed. All Smartphones Shows are also available to view on YouTube, you can even subscribe to these. Or just pop back here to view directly, online, or to download.

"Who's it for?"

Anyone who's either just purchased or is about to purchase a smartphone - this isn't supposed to be TV for uber-geeks or programmers, it's more 'all about smartphones for the rest of us'.