DIY S60/UIQ iPhone comparisons

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Forgive the 3-Lib plug, but with the Apple iPhone being talked about so much, I wanted to add it to the smartphone comparison grid, so that anybody can compare the iPhone directly to any of the current top smartphone contenders across the world. And yes, it's easy to 'make' the iPhone win, by plugging in specific preferences. Comments welcome!

"The idea here is to score most current PDA/smartphone solutions and see which one comes out on top. The scores for each criteria are my own personal evaluations. You can apply your own weightings, though, and the page will multiply everything up and work out your most suitable smartphone solution. Models and scores: (10=excellent, 1=terrible). Weightings: 'Not'/'Quite'/'Very' multiplies scores by 0, 1 or 2 respectively.

Updated 10th July 2007, added Apple iPhone in

Note that you must have Javascript enabled in your browser for this to work! To use the Grid:

  1. Work your way down the 30 left hand side criteria, rating each according to how important it is to you
  2. Read off your personalised scores from the bottom row - which is best for you? "

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