Smart2Go (Nokia Maps) beta over?

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[Updated] Smart2Go, in beta for months, is 'final', or as final as a first version can be. Although we were told that it's not available yet, the Smart2Go web site seems to show it. See the comments below, for example. Listed in the full story are most of the improvements, applicable to both the generic version and the 'Nokia Maps' brand within the N95 and E90. Lots that's new - I've made a few screenshots below...
Here are some of the updates you can look forward too:

  • Navigation Trial: 3-day free Navigation trial
    Giving you a chance to try out the voice navigation features before upgrading.

  • New indicators: GPS status, bandwidth indicators
    Giving you more information and allowing you to keep track of the data being used by the application.

  • Map improvements: Colouring, details, horizon, country borders & time zones

  • Unified search: All search methods in one menu & intuitive search interaction

  • Improved category search: Multi-level search (Eat + Drink -> Restaurants -> Thai)

  • Faster navigation start: Starts before full route calculated, starts without GPS fix.

  • Faster MapLoader: Download speed improved significantly and voice command download
    A very welcome update which should hopefully improve the multi hour download times. 

  • New regions: India and Indonesia plus better coverage in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore (in total more than 100 countries/over 50 navigable)

Again. Note that v1.0 is NOT available yet. Watch this space. Some screens, to keep you going: